Best Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney, Version 5, the new iteration that places a stronger emphasis on producing photographic outputs while diminishing the artistic aspect.

Below, you’ll find fresh prompts, V5 samples, and an extraordinary “magic secret word” prompt that generates truly astounding results.

Now, let’s explore the most effective text-to-image keywords tailored to various genres of art and photography. How can we harness the power of AI to achieve exceptional art results in fields like fantasy art, character renderings, and logo design?

In my pursuit of creating remarkable visuals using Midjourney and other stable diffusion-based text-to-image generators, I’ve conducted numerous experiments with my own prompts.

However, I also sought assistance from chatGPT3 to devise novel prompts. Consequently, here’s a comprehensive list of these newly crafted prompts!

While replicating an artist’s style by using their name (especially for live artists) might carry some risks, it is not illegal. Alternatively, you can insert two pieces of artwork and create something that closely resembles their originals.

These prompts will aid you in achieving your desired results more quickly. However, it’s essential to remember that they are merely a starting point for designing more ‘ethical’ Midjourney prompts.”

Top MidJourney Prompts: Essential Tips

Begin with simplicity; express your desired vision in straightforward terms. Gradually incorporate various styles until it aligns with your artistic vision. You might find yourself drawn to either an artistic, illustrated approach or a photorealistic rendition.

However, don’t limit your creativity; you can also explore designing logos, sketches, tattoo or comic book art, children’s books, and more. The possibilities are boundless, and the results are truly extraordinary.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to experiment with sizes and ratios. The default size is square, but you have the flexibility to choose landscape or portrait orientations (tall or broad).

When specifying sizes, it's best to place them at the end of the entire prompt, indicated by two dashes. 
You can conveniently copy/paste the following sizes: [insert sizes here]. Here are some examples that you can add at the end -ar 2:3; -ar 3:2; -ar 9:16; -ar 16:9.
Please note that you must including the two short dashes (- -) and maintaining proper spacing:

Outline your desired vision in its simplest form. You have the option to use complete sentences or be more concise, but remember that complexity can increase the difficulty.

Achieving a realistic close-up portrait is feasible, but when dealing with large scenarios and intricate details, it may come close to perfection but not reach flawlessness.

To obtain the finest AI art results, offer precise, descriptive text-to-image prompts, and customize the AI tool settings to suit your preferred level of personalization and control.

By exploring diverse keywords and styles, you can uncover unexpected and unparalleled AI-generated photos and artwork.

Let’s get started with some exciting MidJourney prompts:


Best Midjourney Prompts

1 Create an artistically stylized depiction featuring a beloved comic book character like Ant-Man, skillfully surfing atop a colossal taco, relishing a hotdog, and enjoying a Pepsi.
2 Design a captivating retro pop art illustration of the renowned Bollywood sign, adorned with vibrant classic vehicles like Ferrari and Porsche.
3 Embark on a surreal artistic journey with the Mona Lisa as the centerpiece, surrounded by a flock of Twitter birds engaging in tweets on various topical subjects.
4 Capture the essence of elegance in a black-and-white photograph, showcasing the Rolls Royce logo set amidst an expansive cityscape made entirely of Lego pieces.
5 Create an imaginative oil painting featuring a jumbo elephant seated on a branch, gracefully holding a Coca-Cola can in its trunk and is all-set to take a sip.
6 Bring a sense of playfulness to life with a cartoon rendition of the iconic “I love Turkey” logo, where a heart-shaped hot air balloon soars above a lively countryside scene adorned with lush green fields and majestic mountains.
7 Create a glamorous fashion-photography-inspired image showcasing a model adorned in a luxury gown, confidently posing with a McDonald’s Big Mac in one hand and a Louis Vuitton handbag in the other.
8 Capture a whimsical moment in a photograph, portraying a unicorn skillfully riding a hoverboard against the stunning backdrop of San Francisco’s renowned Golden Gate Bridge.
9 Embracing the spirit of the Hudson River School, an enchanting autumn landscape unfolds, where a serene lake reflects the surrounding trees adorned with resplendent fall foliage, capturing both the romantic essence and intricate elements.
10 A lively oil painting, inspired by Pieter Aertsen, presents a bustling 17th-century Dutch marketplace teeming with people in a cheerful hustle, diverse stalls offering a myriad of goods, and an overall friendly ambiance.
11 Embark on a surreal artistic journey, drawing inspiration from Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst, as a vivid and detailed masterpiece emerges. The artwork paints a dreamlike world, featuring floating islands, peculiar creatures, and distorted perspectives, all brought to life with brilliant and captivating colors.
12 Capture a delight in the tranquility of a Japanese garden, featuring cherry blossom trees, a delicate bridge, and gracefully gliding koi fish in a serene pond
13 In the spirit of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist style, create an artwork showcases bold brushstrokes, dripping paint, and vibrant colors, capturing and conveying inner emotions and conflicts.
14 An intriguing portrayal of an enigmatic woman seated in a grand, gothic throne room, skilfully painted in the dramatic Baroque manner. Create an artwork possesses subtle elements of fantasy and magical realism, adding an air of mystery.
15 Discover a captivating photo of an ultra-realistic sailing ship, basking in the dramatic light of a pale sunrise, creating a cinematic atmosphere. Create an image showcases the ship from a low angle, skillfully detailed with extreme precision and brought to life with Unreal Engine 5 technology. This masterpiece, trending on ArtStation, features intricate artwork reminiscent of Studio Ghibli and the artistic style of John William Turner.
16 Craft an intriguing nighttime portrayal of a futuristic city skyline, accentuating advanced transportation systems and towering skyscrapers. Incorporate elements like drones, flying cars, and high-speed trains to enrich the scene further
17 Design a captivating post-apocalyptic landscape where nature and man-made structures intertwine. Depict deteriorating edifices, overgrown vegetation, and an atmosphere of danger and abandonment.
18 Dive into the realm of surrealism and create an enchanting image of a dreamy forest adorned with twisted trees, floating islands, and otherworldly creatures. Infuse the scene with brilliant colors and an ethereal environment to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.
19 Generate an imaginative journey to an otherworldly underwater world, teeming with peculiar sea creatures, vibrant coral reefs, and mesmerizing landscapes. Apply brilliant colors and an ethereal ambiance to elicit a sense of mystery and wonder in this surreal aquatic realm.
20 Create a design of a surreal and otherworldly landscape featuring twisted trees, floating islands, and mysterious creatures. To evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, utilize vivid colors and create an ethereal environment.
21 Venture into the realms of cyberpunk create a metropolis immersed in neon lights, adorned with holographic advertisements, and pulsating with a vibrant futuristic atmosphere. Integrate augmented reality interfaces, advanced robotics, and cybernetic enhancements to bring this bustling cityscape to life.
22 Generate a creative journey and depict a post-apocalyptic landscape that fuses elements of nature and man-made structures. Picture crumbling houses and overgrown foliage, where danger and desolation lurk. Additionally, incorporate advanced robotics, cybernetic upgrades, and futuristic transportation systems to enhance the sense of a transformed world.
23 Immerse yourself in surrealism with a portrait of a cat donning a top hat and passionately playing the saxophone amidst a vibrant jazz club.
24 Create a bold pop art representation featuring a McDonald’s Happy Meal creatively composed of caviar and champagne.
25 Embark on a whimsical journey through a photo montage capturing a yellow submarine’s exploration of an ocean made entirely of jelly beans.
26 Nostalgic throwback experience with a retro comic strip depicting Ironman relishing a slice of pizza atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
27 Illustrate a whimsical scene of a flamingo showcasing its musical talents by playing a guitar in front of the Colosseum in Rome.
28 A surreal landscape painting, envision the Sahara Desert transformed into a whimsical world made of cotton candy.
29 A playful pop art illustration, showcasing a giant ice cream cone slowly melting into the magnificent Grand Canyon.
30 A humorous journey with a photo montage capturing a penguin confidently riding a bicycle while enjoying an ice cream cone, all set against the backdrop of the majestic Pyramids of Giza.

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Results Of Some Prompts In Midjourney

Result Of Some Tried Prompts On Midjourney
Prompt 19 – Generate an imaginative journey to an otherworldly underwater world, teeming with peculiar sea creatures, vibrant coral reefs, and mesmerizing landscapes. Apply brilliant colors and an ethereal ambiance to elicit a sense of mystery and wonder in this surreal aquatic realm.
Result Of Some Tried Prompts On Midjourney
Prompt 7 – Create a glamorous fashion-photography-inspired image showcasing a model adorned in a luxury gown, confidently posing with a McDonald’s Big Mac in one hand and a Louis Vuitton handbag in the other.

Objects You Should Add

the shores of infinity
6- the will to endure
a sense of awe
a desire for knowledge
the birth of time
the notion of self
cognitive resonance

Styles To Include In Midjourney

cave painting
oil on canvas
work on paper
charcoal drawing
pop art
pencil drawing
child’s drawing
an ink drawing
watercolor painting
funk art
matte painting
stone tablet
woodblock print

Artists to Mention

Pablo Picasso
Norman Rockwell
Studio Ghibli
William Blake
Italo Calvino
Salvador Dali
Albert Bierstadt
Marc Simonetti
James Gurney
Ivan Aivazovsky
Thomas Kinkade
Paul Signac
Wassily Kandinsky
Giorgio de Chirico
Ross Tran
Greg Rutkowski
Rene Magritte
Paul Signac
M.C. Escher
Peter Mohrbacher
John Harris
Max Ernst
George Inness
Hilma af Klint
Steven Belledin
Hiroshi Yoshida

Extra Words To Include In Your Prompts


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The Final Words !!

The best AI-generated image prompts serve as a source of challenge and inspiration for artists, offering diverse options to explore and push the boundaries of what AI can accomplish. May these prompts inspire you to create exquisite artwork and photos for Midjourney.


What is Midjourney?

In addition to OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, the Midjourney research team has developed a proprietary AI tool known as Midjourney, capable of generating graphics based on written descriptions.

Is Midjourney Free of Charge?

Midjourney offers the first 25 photographs at no cost. However, if you opt for a Basic Membership, you gain access to 200 image uploads.

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