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We are going to provide the 10 best Chat GPT prompts styles and methods to help you unlock your creativity in this article. We will cover everything from basic approaches to advanced methods.

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Best Styles To Write Chat GPT Prompts

To get the most out of the chat GPT requires skilled users. So, how can you make the most of ChatGPT?

It’s all about methods and strategies.

From basic to advanced methods we have covered all the tactics in this article. Enjoy It !!

1- Set the Tone and Style

Chat Gpt can generate a desired tone and style just mention the tone or style in which you want your desired output. if you want a professional style then you can write prompts like this

For example – Write a LinkedIn post about the importance of marketing in the corporate world.

You can rewrite your existing article or paragraph with the help of this prompt

Prompt – Rewrite this text “your text” in [style]

2- Remove Intros And Conclusions From Responses

It’s good for long-form of articles When Chat Gpt provides intros and conclusions in response to your prompts but it is too frustrating especially when you want a straightforward answer.

Prompt – [Generate just the main response. Remove the pre-text and the post-text]

This prompts instruct the tool to remove the introduction and conclusion and just provide the main answers to the query.

3- Get Lists and Bullet Points

If you want to include list and bullet points in your article then this prompt is perfect for you.

Prompt – List the [Insert Topic].

For Example: “List the top 5 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2023.”

4- Writing Anything Without Jargon

Sometimes Chat GPT uses complex terminology in answers when you just asked for a simple email or paragraph. But not to worry with the help of this prompt you can get rid of this and your output will be simple and readable.

Prompt – [Guide to voice and style: Generate at a 5th-grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex terms. provide short sentences. Don’t use jargon or acronyms.]

From this prompt, you are telling to chat GPT to provide a response in simple language.

5 – Generate Human Like Response

You have used Chat GPT for article generation and email writing a lot. But sometimes you want to talk like a friend or want some suggestions or help like a friend and want a human-like response.

Not to worry we have prepared a prompt for you. Just use this response to create a human-like response

Prompt – [Voice and style guide: Generate a response in a casual, friendly way, like as you were telling a friend about something. Use natural language and phrases that a real person would use in normal conversations]

6 – Use The ‘Suggest An Edit’ Method

Do you want to improve a piece of content? You can request that ChatGPT make changes to your text. Here is the prompt that instructs Chat GPT to edit your content into an engaging one.

Prompt – Here’s a draft of my [Insert Content]. Can you suggest edits to make it more persuasive and engaging?

7- Generate Humorous Style Content

The humorous tone is ideal for breaking the ice, softening the mood, and instilling a sense of fun and laughter into your talks.

This tone can be used for interacting with your audience, allowing them to feel more at ease and connected to you. Here is a prompt for you

Prompt – Explain [Insert Topic]. Use a humorous voice and tone, include jokes, and write with irony when appropriate.

8- Generate Academic Style Content

This style of writing works best for scientific papers and academic publications.

When Should You Use the Academic Writing Style?

  • Creating a research paper for publication in a scientific journal.
  • Writing a thesis.
  • Creating a literature review for an academic journal.

Prompt – Write [Insert Topic]. Use a formal and academic tone, advanced vocabulary, and grammar, and provide a thorough analysis of the subject matter. Explain complex concepts clearly and use examples from various fields. Present counterarguments objectively.

9- Generate Author Style Content

ChatGPT allows you to act as any writer, personality, or career. We’ve spent a significant amount of time listening to podcasts and experimenting with various methods to see which works best.

Allow us to share our observations with you by offering a list of the top 6 styles based on the most commonly used ChatGPT commands.

Here are the top 6 Authors’ styles you can use

  1. Tim Ferris
  2. Neil Patel
  3. Tony Robbins
  4. Lex Fridman / James Clear
  5. Rick Flair / Bill Burr
  6. Malcolm Gladwell

Prompt – Write [Insert Topic] in the style of [Author name]

You can change it according to your needs.

For example – Please respond to this email in the style of James Clear: [insert email]

10- Best Tones for Creating Engaging Content

In this part, we’ll provide our favorite tones for using ChatGPT in its most basic version.

List of the tone of voice

  • Thoughtful
  • Compassionate
  • Personal
  • Funny
  • Empathetic
  • Persuasive
  • Witty
  • Encouraging

Prompt – Write a [length] [type] on [topic] in a [tone] tone

Example – Write a 500-word essay on comedy movie specials in an encouraging tone.


With these ChatGPT styles at your fingertips, you will have a Swiss army knife. While chat GPT doesn’t produce 100% desired results but it saves 85-90% of your effort. Experiment with different styles and tones to see what works best for you.

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