ChatGPT Card Rejected

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has garnered significant attention for its impressive language processing skills and its capacity to engage in authentic conversations using natural language.

Nonetheless, a noteworthy number of individuals have encountered difficulties when attempting to acquire ChatGPT due to a recurring card decline problem.

Numerous reports on OpenAI forums and Reddit highlight this prevalent issue, with individuals unable to complete their purchases using various payment methods, including credit and debit cards.

We know the potential of subscribing to such a platform that opens up a world of possibilities, but what happens when your card is declined during the subscription process?

This predicament is frequently experienced by a wide array of users, particularly those residing outside the United States, such as individuals in countries like India, Germany, and Switzerland, among others. But what could be the possible reason for this issue? Let’s delve into the underlying causes.

In this article, we will unravel the mysteries behind card declines on OpenAI and guide you on how to resolve these issues.

Why Is Your Card Getting Declined for a ChatGPT Subscription Purchase?

Facing a “card declined” message when trying to purchase a ChatGPT subscription can be a frustrating experience. However, this issue can be attributed to various factors. Let’s explore the top reasons for card declines on OpenAI:

Reason 1: Indian Banking Law

E-mandate restriction on Indian cards: A primary factor hindering Indian residents from acquiring ChatGPT stems from a recent banking regulation that was enacted in October 2021. Indian banking regulations mandate restrictions on e-mandate transactions is designed to protect consumers from unauthorized payments, which can result in subscription payment failures for Indian users

This regulation stipulates that Indian credit cards cannot be utilized for recurring payments unless the e-mandate feature is activated.

Although this regulation serves as a security measure aimed at curbing fraudulent transactions, it has created complications for Indian individuals seeking to subscribe to services offered by international entities, including Open AI.

Reason 2: Payment Gateway Error

Sometimes, the issue lies with the payment gateway itself. Technical glitches or issues on the payment processing end can lead to card declines. Payment gateway such as Stripe serves as a widely employed payment processor utilized by both Open AI and numerous other global enterprises. Nevertheless, temporary disruptions in the payment gateway may occur due to various factors, such as technical issues or routine maintenance work, leading to unsuccessful transactions.

Reason 3: International Transactions Are Disabled on Your Card

If your card is not authorized for international transactions, it will be declined when trying to make a payment on OpenAI, which is based in the United States. This is a common reason for card declines for users outside the U.S.

Reason 4: Transaction Blocked Due to Security Reasons

Banks and credit card companies have sophisticated fraud detection systems in place. If a transaction appears suspicious or unusual, it may be blocked for security reasons.

Reason 5: Tax Calculation Problems

In some cases, discrepancies in tax calculations can lead to payment failures. Tax rates and regulations can vary, and inaccuracies in these calculations may result in a declined payment.

Reason 6: ChatGPT Plus Is Not Currently Available in Your Country

ChatGPT Plus availability is limited to certain countries. If you are trying to subscribe from a location where ChatGPT Plus is not offered, your card may be declined. To elaborate more on this, the unavailability of ChatGPT 4 in specific nations can be due to a variety of factors, which may include legal obligations, licensing complexities, or insufficient market demand.

In the event that you attempt to purchase ChatGPT 4 from one of these regions and encounter the “Card Declined” error message, it is plausible that Open AI has not made the product accessible for purchase in your geographical location.

To facilitate your acquisition of ChatGPT 4, it is advisable to disable your VPN. There have been instances where individuals have reported successful transactions after taking this action.

Reason 7: Incorrect Card Information

Simple errors, such as entering incorrect card information like the card number, expiration date, or CVV code, can lead to payment failures.

How to Resolve the Card Declined Error While Purchasing a ChatGPT Subscription

Now that we’ve identified the common reasons behind card declines, let’s explore how to resolve this issue and successfully subscribe to ChatGPT:

1. Verify Card Details:

Double-check the information you’ve entered. Ensure that your card number, expiration date, and CVV code are accurate.

2. Use a Different Card:

If you have access to multiple cards, consider using a different one for the subscription. Sometimes, a different card may have fewer restrictions.

3. Enable International Transactions:

If you’re outside the U.S., contact your bank to enable international transactions on your card. This will allow you to make payments to organizations located abroad, such as OpenAI.

4. Contact Your Bank:

If your card is being declined for security reasons or due to e-mandate restrictions, reach out to your bank or credit card company. They can provide insights into why the transaction is blocked and offer potential solutions.

5. Miscellaneous Fixes:

Clear your browser cache and cookies, try a different web browser, or attempt the transaction on a different device. Sometimes, technical issues can be resolved through these simple steps. If a VPN service is active on your web browser or mobile device, deactivate it before attempting the transaction once more. Ensure that the billing information you have provided contains a valid address. Verify that the total subscription cost, inclusive of taxes, matches the amount requested by the payment gateway from your bank. If an alternative payment method is accessible in your country (e.g., Apple Pay in the USA), consider using it for the transaction. For assistance with this issue, reach out to ChatGPT Support via email at and request their intervention in addressing the matter.

6. Alternative Option: Using Microsoft Bing:

In some cases, if you encounter difficulties with ChatGPT subscription, you may explore alternative AI services like Microsoft Bing’s offerings, which might have different payment processing options.

The Bottom Line

While encountering a “card declined” error when trying to subscribe to ChatGPT can be frustrating, it’s essential to remember that there are various reasons behind this issue, and most of them have practical solutions.

By carefully verifying your card details, contacting your bank if necessary, and exploring alternative payment options, you can successfully resolve the issue and unlock the world of possibilities that ChatGPT offers. Don’t let a declined card stop you from experiencing the future of AI-powered natural language processing.

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