List of Banned Words in Midjourney Discord

Midjourney AI is an art generator that creates artwork in response to textual prompts using a dataset of text-image converter combinations.

A guide of text-to-image prompts and a Discord account are the only things you need to use Midjourney. Instead of creating the text prompts by yourself, you can check our extensive guide of Best AI Character Design Prompts

Before using the Midjourney you must be aware of the rules and regulations of it. You must be aware of the rules before using the Midjourney AI. Your access to the Midjourney AI will be suspended if you break the rules.

In this article, we have covered the guidelines for Midjourney AI and the list of banned words along with some advice on how to get bypass the Midjourney filters.

Midjourney Rules To be Aware Of

Compared to its rivals Dall.E and Craiyon, Midjourney wants to offer PG-13-rated content.  In order to use the Midjourney you must accept the Midjourney privacy policy and other guidelines at the time of signing up.

This implies that if you violate the rules, Midjourney Inc. has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access.

Once you have joined the Midjourney Discord Server, don’t forget to browse the #rules channel. The overview of the rules is as follows;

  • Do not use stuff or images that are fundamentally offensive, hostile, or abusive in any other way. Any form of assault or bullying won’t be accepted.
  • No blood or violent material. Please stay away from generating disturbing or terrifying content. We’ll automatically stop some text inputs.

Complete List of Banned Words in Midjourney Discord

Midjourney has developed a filter that instantly recognizes and bans similar words or closely related phrases mentioned in this article in order to avoid non-PG-13 illustrations.

Check this complete list of words that Midjourney doesn’t allow

List Of Banned Gore Words

Any image of damaged bodies, chopped limbs, bloodstream, assault, separated human or animal body parts, killing, plague, etc. is considered a gore image.

Here is the list of banned Gore words


List Of Banned Gore Words

1 Guts
2 Infested
3 Surgery
4 Wound
5 Vivisection
6 Bloodbath
7 Khorne
8 Bruises
9 Bloody
10 Cutting
11 Cannibalism
12 Corpse
13 Hemoglobin
14 Cronenberg
15 Massacre
16 Crucified
17 Blood
18 Killing
19 Cannibal
20 Gory
21 Gruesome
22 Decapitate
23 Visceral
24 Kill (as in Kill la Kill)
25 Bloodshot 
26 Flesh
27 Sadist
28 Infected
29 Teratoma
30 Female Body Parts
31 Crucifixion
32 Tryphophobia
33 Suicide
34 Slaughter
35 Car crash


List Of Banned Body Parts Words

Midjourney doesn’t allow to use of body parts words in the wrong way. so here we have provided the list of body parts words that you can’t use in Midjourney.


List Of Banned Body Parts Words

1 Dick (as in Moby-Dick)
2 Massive chests
3 Penis
4 Girth
5 sexy female
6 Booba
7 Mammaries
8 Breasts
9 Bosom
10 Organs
11 Banned: Body Parts Words
12 Oppai (Japanese word for breasts)
13 Booty
14 Nipple
15 Ovaries
16 Big Ass
17 Human centipede
18 Honkers
19 Phallus
20 Skimpy
21 Knob
22 Badonkers
23 Labia
24 Hooters
25 Busty
26 Thick
27 Mommy Milker (milker or mommy is fine)
28 Arse
29 Veiny
30 Vagina
31 Crotch
32 Minge (Slang for vag)
33 Clunge (British slang for vagina)
34 Ass


List Of Banned Clothing Words

Some clothing words combination are also not allowed which depicts nudity or violence. Here we have provided the list of banned clothing words


List Of Banned Clothing Words

1 barely dressed
2 invisible clothes
3 no shirt
4 bare chest
5 zero clothes
6 no clothes
7 Speedo
8 scantily
9 cleavage
10 with no shirt
11 without clothes on
12  au naturale
13 clad
14 negligee
15 bra
16 stripped
17 full frontal
18 scantily clad
19 nude
20 wearing nothing
21 unclothed
22 clear
23 risqué
24 full frontal unclothed
25 lingerie naked
26 naked
27 au naturale
28 lingerie with no shirt


List Of Banned Adult Words

Adults words are strictly not allowed in Midjourney art creation. The list of banned adult words is listed below.


List Of Banned Adult Words

1 thot
2 fuck
3 naughty
4 seductive
5 horny
6 Dog collar
7 Sultry
8 Bimbo
9 Hentai
10 transparent
11 legs spread
12 twerk
13 brothel
14 Jerk off King at pic
15 Playboy
16 orgy
17 jav
18 seducing
19 bodily fluids
20 XXX
21 shibari (bondage in Japanese)
22 wincest
23 Kinbaku (bondage in Japanese)
24 ballgag
25 rule34
26 ahegao
27 Hardcore
28 succubus
29 dominatrix
30 Smut
31 pleasure
32 erotic
33 pinup 
34 Shag
35 making love
36 boudoir
37 sensual
38 sexy
39 seducing 
40 erotic seductive
41 voluptuous
43 incest
44 pleasures
45 Transparent and Translucent
46 rule34 
47 pinup
48 Slavegirl
49 Bondage


List Of Banned Taboo Words

Taboo words refer to words and phrases that are generally considered inappropriate in some contexts. It may include swear words, racial slurs, and other derogatory terms that are considered offensive and inappropriate.

Here is the list of banned Taboo Words.


List Of Banned Taboo Words

1 Honkey
2 Nazi
3 Prophet Mohammed
4 Slave
5 Arrested
6 Jail
7 Fascist
8 Coon
9 Taboo
10 Handcuffs


List Of Banned Drugs Words

A list of drugs words that you are not allowed to use in Midjourney is listed below.


List Of Banned Drugs Words

1 Crack
2 Heroin
3 Meth
4 Cocaine
5 Drugs


List Of Banned Personality Names

Some personality names are also banned in Midjourney in order to maintain its PG-13 category. Here is the list


List Of Banned Personality Names

1 Belle Delphine
2 Jinping
3 All pornstar names
4 Hitler
5 President Xi
6 Lolita (book/movie character)


List Of Other Banned Words

Some random words which you can’t use in Midjourney to create art are listed below. These words are also considered offensive, aggressive, abusive, etc.


List Of Other Banned  Words

1 Inappropriate
2 Brown pudding
3 Torture
4 Big Black
5 Silenced
6 Bunghole
7 mp5
8 Waifu
9 Pleasure
10 Poop
11 Errect
12 Censored
13 Farts, Fart
14 Xi Jinping
15 Succubus
16 Sexy
17 Warts
18 Disturbing
19 Sensored
20 Surgery
21 1488
22 Sperm
23 Voluptuous
24 Vomit
25 Hot
26 Seductive
27 Pus
28 Deepfake
29 Shit


Tips to Bypass the Midjourney Filter

Although it can be attractive for someone to try to escape the Midjourney filter. It’s important to keep in mind that doing so could lead to a ban. Use it only when absolutely necessary and for beneficial objectives.

So the trick is you can replace the banned words with similar meanings of legal words.


1- Instead of using Infected, you can use With Infection.

2- Instead of using Vaccine, you can use Vaccination.

Think about using a synonym word or rephrasing the sentence. If the restricted word is necessary for your prompt then use a synonym word or rephrase it in order to avoid banned words.

Remember that the Midjourney team updates the list of banned words frequently, so what worked yesterday may not work today. Before using your prompt, always visit the #rules channel.


Fake pornographic content with celebrities, politicians, and even anonymous people has been produced using this technology. Such material is frequently referred to as “AI porn” or “deepfake porn.”

That’s why Midjourney has very strict banned words and we also have to keep in mind that we should not use them in the wrong ways.

It can be interesting and inventive to create art from text prompts by using Midjourney AI. Make sure a prompt complies with the rules of the #rules channel before publishing it, and if in doubt, choose a different prompt.

You have to stick by the rules of ethics because Midjourny is an open Discord community. You have to follow the rule even if you are using the service in ‘/private’ mode.


What is not allowed in Midjourney?

Words related to Nudity, Offensive, Aggressive, Abusive, Pornographic Content, etc. is not allowed on Midjourney to follow PG-13 content guideline

Is Midjourney censored?

Yes, Midjourney is censored as Midjourney aims to keep its content PG-13, which automatically disallows and restricts phrases relating to aggression, violence, drugs, harassment, adult content, gore, and abusiveness.

Is Xi banned on Midjourney?

Yes, Xi is banned on Midjourney. If you type the prompt with President Xi’s name returned the message: “The phrase ‘President Xi’ is banned

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